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Sawubona: We Bring Belonging - A Trauma-responsive Approach for Healing-Centered Schools and Organizations

What's wrong with you?

What happened to you?

What's right with you?

What do you need to succeed?

Trauma-informed Understanding

Trauma-informed Understanding

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Are you a leader or educator curious about the following questions?

  • How do I lean into deepening my understanding of what is trauma (personal, historical, and racial)?

  • How does trauma impact my students and their families, my staff, and myself?  

  • hat relationship, leadership, and teaching practices does my school need to embed to create a holistic and humanizing school environment?

  • How can I be transformative in the classroom?

  • How can I effectively engage and connect with students?

  • How do I engage in authentic discourse with integrity?

  • How can I cultivate the best education practitioner within myself? 

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