What is trauma,
how does it
impact our students,
and what relationship and
can we utilize to support them?

Trauma-informed Understanding for Transformation & Healing

We envision vibrant and connected school communities where students’ trauma is not treated with a deficit lens,
but instead, as communication that seeks a caring adult who can provide support and build their resilience to develop
SEL skills to reach their highest potential.

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Introduction to
Trauma-responsive Practices and 

& Inside-Out Work

Trauma-sensitive Practices and Equity in Action

Trauma-informed Critical Pedagogy: The Impact of Cultural Trauma and the Importance of Resilience

This series of seminars drives to improve trauma-informed behaviors
and educational equity
by grounding participants in social-emotional awareness,
mindfulness, trauma theory, and trauma-sensitive practices,
improving culture and climate that directly impacts learning outcomes.

Our Team

TrUTH Educational Consulting
is a partnership between two dynamic and visionary educators:
Shawn Nealy-Oparah and
Tovi Scruggs-Hussein.

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